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Business and Emergency Planning

We at Shayler And Shayler, LLC are focused on bringing your organization comprehensive emergency and business management plans directly related to disaster, homeland security, standard operating procedures and business continuity planning, training, and exercise services. Our emergency management consultants, planners, subject matter experts, exercise developers, and trainers are prepared to help you with your emergency preparednesshomeland security and business continuity requirements. We pull all of our knowledge, skill, and ability to bring you and your organization a unique emergency  and business management consulting resource. Our only goal is to set you up for success.

Services Offered

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning

  • HSEEP Exercising and Testing

  • Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment

  • Continuity Planning and Consulting

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures

  • Critical Incident Stress (CISM) Services

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