HBOT Consulting and Training

The world of Hyperbaric Medicine is currently exploding on the medical scene.  It is a well established therapy for decompression sickness and is proving to be effective for treatment of serious infections and wounds that won't heal. Our goal is to use the 30 years of experience under our belt to help your business navigate this "new" industry.  Hyperbaric chambers have been in use in medicine since 1872; and its come a long way since then.  It still takes a dedicated team to put together a highly efficient treatment plan that encompasses all the needs of the patient being treated.  We at Shayler And Shayler are happy to help you develop and plan your business to ensure only the best for your patients and staff.   Our main goal is to set you up for success!

Consulting Services Offered:

Standard Operating Procedure Development

Safety Standards and Implementation

Emergency Exercise Planning and Development