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Do you have certain skills or certifications that would help our clients thrive? Have you worked with or know professionals within our serviced fields? Do you have the ability to help grow and promote our company in a professional manner? 


We at Shayler And Shayler, LLC are always looking for quality professionals to add to our programs.  Whether you just want to available to answer specialty questions by phone or would like to jump in with both feet; we are seeking experienced professionals who can represent our company and provide excellent care to clients. We assign personnel based on their individual experience matched to a specific request.  All employment is done by contracted services only for the duration of the agreed contracted dates. Shayler And Shayler is an equal opportunity employer and we look forward to hearing from anyone who can be an asset to our company and clients.  

If you'd like the opportunity to join our team; please feel free to email your resume to:

Brett Shayler




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