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Underwater Film Support

Many movies and TV shows involve persons working in or near water at some point.  A drowning can occur in moments and the only hope for a successful rescue is when a qualified and experienced Rescue/Public Safety SCUBA Diver is present and ready to enter the water.  Our rescue divers are on scene, fully equipped and outfitted.  They will deploy immediately if need or can act as a safety diver; already in place and standing by either on the surface or in the water and just out of the film frame.  

Need training for your people? We also offer skilled SCUBA diving instructors with over 30 years of experience in their recreational and technical diving skills.  Our instructors are insured and understand that the safety of everyone is priority number one.  They make sure that your crew gets only the best instruction and training experience possible.  Our instructors can also meet with your production crew and offer insight to help locate the best filming spots and ensure your production goes as smoothly as possible.

Still have questions? Please feel free to reach out and ask or look at our trainings. 

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