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Professional Drone Services
Imaging Done Right

We strive to bring it all to the table when it comes to producing quality images, video, and specialty work to our clients. 

  • Construction

  • Tower Inspection

  • Home, Roof, Chimney and Facade Inspection

  • Infrared Imaging

  • 3D Rendered Images

  • Land Survey


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P.O. Box 265

Lipan, TX  76462

Shayler And Shayler utilizes licensed and insured UAV pilots in all of our projects to ensure the safety and well being of our staff and clients.  Our aircraft are registered with the FAA and we adhere to FAA Regulations.  Shayler And Shayler LLC is NOT a licensed Inspector nor can we perform or produce any Inspections.  Shayler And Shayler, LLC only works with licensed professionals to provide images and videos to supplement their work in providing their clients with the end product.  

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